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Our Church

We are a Church whose aim is to show the love of Christ, and promote Christian fellowship among the English-speaking community in Warsaw and beyond.

Anglicans, Episcopalians and from the wider Anglican communion, we celebrate the Eucharist every Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. and on the third Sunday of every month, hold Morning Prayer, in the Chapel of Caritas, Res Sacra Miser on ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 62. To find us click on “Visit Us

We welcome visitors to Poland and Warsaw and hope you enjoy your stay.
We have light refreshments after the service and occasional invitations to lunch, where you can meet parishioners, share the faith and enjoy convivial discussion and Christian fellowship.

The Church of England in Poland, is a registered Polish Church (Kościół Anglikański w Polsce), a member of the Anglican Diocese of Europe and the Anglican Communion.
We come from a wide variety of countries: Poland, USA , Nigeria, UK ,Australia, China. And from many different professions including business and teaching. What binds our worship and communion is the rich variety and depth , in words and music, of The Anglican Liturgy.
Our present assistant chaplain is the Revd. Robert Gamble, a priest of the Episcopal Church of The United States of America (ECUSA).

Our custom is warmly to invite all baptized Christians to communion.

W naszej tradycji jest gorąco zaprosić wszystkich ochrzczonych chrześcijan do komunii Świętej.

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